Edublog Nominations

Two people that I think have the best blogs are Sean Online and Danica Online.

Best Student Blog

I think that Sean has the best blog because he has strong ideas for posts, and I love most of his posts. His posts are also very descriptive. Example their is this post of his, about a book called Percy Jackson, and I once started reading it but didn’t finish it. So my point is that after reading his post about the book which actually, had alot of description I got interested in the book and I’m looking forward to reading the whole book, when I get my hands on it again. Here is a link to Sean’s blog,

Best New Student Blog

Danica’s blog is inspioring, most of her posts interest me and they are very well done. So, Danica Online and Sean Online are my two favourite blogs. Here is Danica’s link to her blog,

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